Osscar Mayer Vienna mobile job: Who can apply and what is the salary?

Are you outgoing, want to drive across the country in search of adventure and most of all ooze enthusiasm for processed pork products?

If you fancy touring America in a van shaped like a sausage, send Kraft Heinz an application to drive one of its own Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles full-time.

It turns out the lunch meat purveyor needs creative souls to get behind the wheel for a one-year assignment, going from one state to the next to attend high-profile events and coordinate press on their behalf.

But the demanding job is not for everyone, so Oscar Meyer wants to know “do you cut mustard?

Who can apply?

Due to many image problems of salted and cured sausage meat, not everyone with a fervent devotion to eating their own body weight in sausages may qualify to drive a wiener-shaped motor vehicle for the entertainment of others.

Oscar Meyer has a very specific group of applicants it wants to attract—preferred to be the kind of spirited youth fresh out of college who have a proven ability to convey stories that resonate with consumers.

“Applicants should have a BA or BS, preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising or marketing,”[ads1]; its ad said.

Only those candidates are ideally placed to revive America’s love of wiener dogs that were once as ubiquitous as baseball and apple pie.

What does it actually pay?

Good question. Unfortunately, details of wages are as much a mystery as what is fed through Oscar Meyer’s industrial meat grinders.

According to the job posting, the pay is “competitive,” which is about as descriptive as the “mechanically separated chicken and pork” listed in the sausage ingredients.

What other benefits are there?

There are some tasty perks though: on-the-job expenses are covered by the company, unspecified perks are listed (unlimited supply of frankfurters?) and those lucky enough to become official “Hotdoggers” also get to wear Oscar Mayer team gear. At no extra cost, either: they’re delivered free of charge, according to the ad.

Most importantly, however, Oscar Mayer promises that each of its elite hot dog promoters will become something of a “mini-celebrity in small towns and big cities” as they attend various events and sit down for interviews with the media.

What kind of work experience awaits?

Oscar Meyer says Wienermobile drivers will gain experience in a self-directed position with “many areas of responsibility”.

These include, but are not limited to, being your own traveling public relations firm, as well as pitching TV, radio and print reporters for a chance to spread the Oscar Meyer story.

It is also expected that the few who pilot their fleet of Wienermobiles contribute to the company’s branded social content. Currently, Oscar Mayer has over 40,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram, for example, and no doubt the top dogs at Kraft Heinz headquarters will expect those numbers to rise.

How many can hope to drive the Wienermobile?

There are only six Wienermobiles touring the country at any one time, according to the company.

And candidates must hurry to apply, because time is running out. The application deadline is 31 JanuarySt.

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