Oreo celebrates its 110th anniversary with a first taste

For the celebratory occasion, Oreo releases a special flavor it calls Chocolate Confetti Cake. It has lots of litter. The cookies themselves are filled with icing and have two layers of filling: the signature cream flavor, pumped with icing, and a chocolate cake flavor cream.

Oreo said it is the first time it has used sprinkles both in and on the cake. Retailers will start selling the festive treats on January 31 for a limited time.

Oreo will mark its birthday on March 6th. The popular snack was first sold on that date in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company to a grocery store in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Since then, Oreo has regularly released special varieties to keep the product fresh, including a Lady Gaga flavor and, lastly, toffee and an ultimate chocolate-flavored cream cake.
Owned by Mondelez (MDLZ), Oreo continues to make money. The latest taste in limited edition is part of the company’s goal of increasing sales by $ 1 billion next year. In the November 2021 earnings interview, Mondelez said that Oreo “continues to be an outstanding performer” and that Pok√©mon Oreo was the company’s fastest-selling flavor in the United States.
The company also said that it will increase the prices of Oreos and its other brands, such as Chips Ahoy, by 6% to 7% from this month.

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