Oracle CEO Larry Ellison joined the conversation to contest Trump’s election loss

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was involved in a conversation in which a number of influential GOP figures – including Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Fox News anchor Sean Hannity and Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow – brainstormed ways to contest the 2020 presidential election. Washington PosDetails of the conversation that took place on November 14, 2020 were revealed in new court documents from a lawsuit filed by the voting rights organization Fair Fight against True The Vote, a conservative Texas that disputes the results of the presidential election in 2020.

“Jim was in talks tonight with Jay Sekulow, Lindsey O. Graham, Sean Hannity and Larry Ellison,” True the Votes founder Catherine Engelbrecht wrote to a donor, according to court documents reviewed by Mail. “He explained the work we were doing, and they asked for a preliminary report as soon as possible, to be used to gather their troops internally, so that̵[ads1]7;s what I’m working on now.”

Ellison is one and has hosted fundraisers for former President Donald Trump. He has apparently never expressed doubts about the election result in 2020 publicly. While the CEO has donated to both parties over the years as Palm Desert Sun. he has poured in a significant amount of money in the GOP and since the election in 2020. His in February to a super PAC affiliated with Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is one of the largest in the 2022 election cycle so far.

Ellison’s proximity to Trump has led to concerns that Oracle may have had competition for federal contracts under the previous administration. Oracle found a lucrative offer in 2020 to help the Department of Health and Human Services collect data on physicians treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug embraced by Trump. It is also with TikTok to store their US data, like Trump in 2020.

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