Oppenheimer Holdings is cheap and should accumulate with the economy

Teladoc Health: “Too much competition in that industry. Will not own it.”

Qualtrics International: “This company had a big upside surprise. It does it incredibly well, but the valuation is such that people will not own it until they start making money.”

Oppenheimer Holdings: “It is a cheap stock, and it has not participated in the financial recovery yet. I think it should.”

APA Corp .: “[CEO John Christmann] stuck out and he does a great job. Now the stock has been a bit tough [period], but I think Apache actually works. I was quite early when I owned it for charity many years ago. ”[ads1];

Mosaic: “Mosaic is really about the only game in town for [fertilizers]. I think [fertilizers] can go even higher. … I like mosaic. I know it’s an upside-down stock, but I like it. ”

Icahn Enterprises: “Look, the problem is I do not know what is in that company. I have seen it go down, down, down. If there was total transparency I could recommend it, but I just can not.”

Vertex Pharmaceuticals: “It had a stumbling block with cystic fibrosis, but that’s really the only real hope for people. I like the company. I think it’s a very interesting drug stock being sold at a very low number.”

Ebix Inc .: “Ecommerce for the insurance industry, there are so many who want to do it. I do not want to be there anymore. Too many companies are chasing too few customers.”

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