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One year after net neutrality is dead, the Internet is faster

T he said we would be a neanderthaler now, savager scraping us with pieces of crushed pottery every time our cat videos would not buffer. But the internet apocalype has not happened.

It has been remarkably unremarkable without net neutrality, one year after Federal Communications Commission leader Ajit Pai killed the Obama era Internet rule that required service providers to treat each content level identically.

"No major changes" reads a Wired heading at the top of an article explaining that "broadband vendors did not make drastic new moves to block or demand delivery of content after the FCC's order reviewed its neutrality protection from the Obama era took effect . "

Everything has been good, in other words. Someone should check the folks below, though. They did not just think the Internet would get dark. They believed that the companies wanted to conspire to create a digital fiefdom where access to information was damned and people could not communicate freely, apart from carriers.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Warned that losing net neutrality would threaten representative government.

GLAAD feared gays and lesbians would be targeted.

Scheduled parenting weighed for whatever reason.

But people on the Internet dry your tears! Things are better now than they have ever been. The internet is actually faster in the United States. A new report from Ookla, a sister company to PCMag, shows that download speeds have increased 35.8 percent across the country. The fastest internet is actually in Kansas City, Mo., where Google Fiber burns through the wires.

Then lay down the broken cuts of ceramics. Net neutrality is dead. Everyone is fine. Long live internet.

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