One third of teens sleep with their cell phones – Axios

Almost a third of teens take their phones to bed when they go to sleep, according to a new study by Common Sense Media.

Why Is It Important : Studies show the importance of sleeping to general health and suggesting that digital devices interfere with sleep.

By the numbers :

  • 1 out of 3 teenagers report waking up at least once a night and checking their phones.
  • 1 out of 4 parents – including me – check their phones at least once a night.
  • A majority of parents (61%) and teens (70%) check their phones for half an hour before bed, Recommendations against doing so.
  • More than half of the parents (52%) say they spend too much time on their phones. It is up 23 percentage points from 2016.
  • Children agree. There has been an increase of 11 percentage points in children who say their parents spend too much time on the phone (39% today vs 28% in 2016).
  • Contrary to the fact that several teenagers today think they spend the right time on their phone (47% vs. 29% in 2016).

What they say : "If technology harms our health and relationships, we must change our ways. It's as simple as that," Common Sense CEO Jim Steyer told Axios.

  • Steyer, whose ideal organization focuses on children's interaction with the media, said he was particularly concerned with the number of people who took their phones to bed.
  • "It is very uneasy because we all know that units take up much of our time and that it is not healthy, but we cannot even leave them outside the bedroom when we go to sleep," he said. "This is alarming."

Editor's Note: This piece was corrected to show children who believed that their parents spent too much time by phone in 2016, was 28%.

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