One finds $ 86 million lottery ticket in his car

A British man beat one of the biggest lotto jackpots in the country's history – but left the golden ticket unchecked for weeks in a bunch of papers in his van, according to local reports.

Andrew Clark, 51, just checked the Ticket because his partner and her niece badgered him after hearing about a local unsolicited prize, he told Sky News.

"Trisha told me to check the tickets, and her niece Louise, whom I built an extension for, was also in it when she had heard about the unsaved news in the news," he said.

Clark, it English City of Boston, told the news station that he relented and checked all his lotto tickets ̵[ads1]1; which he pulled in a bundle in his truck – on a fresh evening.

"I finally entered, took the bundle out of the habit and started working through them, methodically from the oldest to the last, begin with Lotto, before entering my EuroMillions tickets. "

One of these EuroMillions tickets was the big winner, which gave Clark the same as a $ 86 million payout.

" It almost feels like a magical Christmas story, the man who almost lost [$86 million ]! " Clark said after finding the ticket

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