OC Finance Company reveals access to 885 million records: Report

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – First American Financial Corp, Santa Ana-based title insurance behemoth, hundreds of millions of customers' detailed financial records became available for download, according to a report from

Due to One who with an indefinite security error, anyone with a web browser may have downloaded detailed financial information from First American Financial Corp. clients, including driver card pictures, social security numbers, transaction receipts for receipts, mortgages, and tax information, and bank information, they said.

First American provides title insurance and settlement services to real estate and mortgage clients including home guarantees. The site bug, discovered by Ben Shoval, a real estate developer from Washington State, was stopped at 1[ads1]1 am Pacific Time on May 24, according to the report.

"The earliest document referenced was a 2003 real estate transaction," Shoval stated. The site returned a search of documents totaling 885,000,000, he said.

He also said that it was not known how many, if any, records were downloaded from that program.

First Americans have disabled the site that served downloadable records, PDFs, and post-dated real estate services forms, KrebsonSecurity reported.

A spokesman for the company issued a statement confirming the problem.

"First Americans learned from a design error in one of the production programs that allowed unauthorized access to customer data," they told Patch. "Security, privacy, and confidentiality are top priority and we are committed to protecting customer information.

" Therefore, the company took immediate action to resolve the situation and terminate remote access to the application. We are currently evaluating the effect, if any, on the security of customer information. We have hired an external forensic company to make sure that there has been no meaningful unauthorized access to our customer data. ยป

Over 18,000 people work at First American, and the company earned over 5.7 billion in 2018.

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