O & # 39; Hare International Airport Video: American Airlines wagon spins wildly on the tarmac. Then one completely intervenes.

The hulking, seemingly unmanned golf car, made furious, crackling donuts at the airport tarmac when a floor-worn worker burst into action.

What he did further won him applause from a terminal full of bleary-eyed travelers who had stopped to stare out the window at the bizarre battle, playing among rows of parked planes.

The dramatic scene took place on Monday at Chicago's O & # 39; Hare International, one of the nation's busiest airports, and footage of the episode aired on social media that night. Four hours after Kevin Klauer, CEO of the American Osteopathic Association, posted the video on Twitter, it had garnered more than 1[ads1] million views. The worker in the West was called a savior.

What actually happened remains unclear. Karen Pride, the Chicago Department of Aviation's spokeswoman, referred questions about the incident to American Airlines, which owns the equipment and employs the workers involved.

The airline's media relations department sent a statement saying the company was "investigating an incident involving a catering car."

"Preliminary reports indicate that the gas pedal stalled and caused the food truck to lose control," the statement continued. "No members of the American Airlines team were injured and the incident resulted in a 10 minute flight delay."

One more thing is obvious: If it wasn't for a fast-acting employee, the running big carriage may have thrown into an airplane parked by a street.

When the vehicle spun wildly and apparently knocked a worker to the ground, others avoided and ran for cover. Some looked around, seemingly unsure what to do. The carriage swung and its wheels shattered what appeared to be soda cans, sending its contents into spray.

Passengers gasped in the terminal.

"Was she hit ?!"

"Oh my God." [19659012] "What's up?"

A worker, as undulating about them, staggered away from the screen, narrowly avoiding a width from one of the wagon's swinging metal doors.

"Come to hit the plane – here goes," said a spectator.

Not so fast.

From the scene to the right, the yellow vest worker reappears in the video, at the helm of another ground support truck at the airport. Just in time, the worker hits the compliant side of the hot wagon, rolls it over and sends its contents spilled over the tarmac – but spares the aircraft and their staff.

Again, a choir from the terminal. [19659018] "Oh, nice."

"There you go!"

"How to do it!"

The crowd applauded for the approval.

In its statement, American Airlines added, "We appreciate the prompt action of our team member who stopped the vehicle."

Online, the Fracas and the worker's actions were received with equal amount of confusion and seduction.

"THIS IS INSANE, "one person ] wrote on Twitter.

" Holy Cow! This has won the Internet for today, " said another one.

The NYCAviation aviation enthusiast's website tweeted the underrated cry, "Creative solution to a rather unusual problem." The Deadspin website assigned the clip its "Sports Highlight of the Day."

: "We all need heroes."

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