NordVPN is a holiday travel must

Between the guest’s wi-fi offered at the hotel or airport, and the in-laws’ wi-fi where the password is “password”, holiday travel means choosing between using up expensive data or logging on to a less-than-secure network. Basically, holiday travel is the right time to finally get a VPN from NordVPN.

A VPN encrypts all the device’s digital traffic (not just the browser, so think of apps and digital messaging / calling). NordVPN protects up to six devices per plan, and works across each operating system you can name. Right now you can buy your VPN subscription with up to 72% discount. And it̵[ads1]7;s not just about security – a VPN can also give you access to content that is limited by location. So after your holiday dinner, when you are crowded around the TV and struggling to find a movie everyone wants to watch, you can take advantage of international selections by surfing with a VPN.

A two-year subscription maximizes your savings, with an effective monthly price of just $ 3.29. Get reassurance by knowing that sensitive information is safe for less than the price of a gallon of milk. Checkout now to lock in this extreme discount!

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