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No, you can not smoke hemp (and other things to know now that it will be legal)

Hemp legalization was hidden in the agricultural bill for 2018, a massive piece of legislation that also addresses issues such as nutrition, conservation, trade, energy and forestry.

The bill received strong two-sided support and is now directed to President Donald Trump's desk. He is expected to sign it in law.

Now hemp is almost legal, there are many implications for farmers, researchers and consumers.

Hemp has been treated as marijuana

For decades, the federal government has treated hemp just like any other cannabis species. construction. Since 1970, it was classified as a Journal 1 drug on the Drug Enforcement Administration's list of controlled substances, along with heroin, LSD and marijuana. DEA defines schedule 1[ads1] drugs that have not yet approved medical use and a great potential for abuse.

The new bill takes hemp off that list.

The timetable 1 term made universities reluctant to get involved in hemp research, according to Lawrence Smart, Professor of Horticulture at Cornell University.

"With hemp being legalized Now these restrictions and hesitation of legal danger have been removed," says Smart. "I expect that we will see many more researchers willing to be involved in hemp research."

Hemp does not get you high

Hemp and marijuana are not the same, they both come from the same cannabis species, but if you try to smoke hemp, you'll just end up with headaches.

Sen. Ron Wyden from Oregon, it said clearly: "Federal law treats hemp as it is a dangerous substance, but the only thing to do with smoking hemp is to waste breath, time and lighter fluid."

Hemp has extremely low levels of the THC, the marijuana compound that causes people to shut down. It is higher in the CBD, a combination that many believe, helps them with anxiety, arthritis, stress and other conditions.

Hamp gets a lot of spraying over CBD products like oils, supplements and vapes. Although CBD can come from marijuana, they are It's also easier for companies to use hemp-derived CBD because the extract is legal in all states.

It's not just CBD, but hemp can be used to produce all kinds of things, including clean fuel for cars, building materials, clothes, food and beers.

It is legal to buy and sell ham products in the United States. But because growing hemp has been so closely regulated, the domestic market for hemp products is extremely small. So many of these products are imported from Europe, Canada and China.

Mitch McConnell (yes, the Mitch McConnell) led the fee to legalize it

Sen. Mitch McConnell was a leading leader in law on hemp passing. He sat at the Conference of Agricultural Bills for 2018. On Monday, he signed the final version of the agricultural bill in 2018 – and used a pen of hemp to do it.

If you wonder how the Majority Leader of the Republican Senate became one of the greatest advocates of a plant once considered a cousin of marijuana, look to his hometown of Kentucky.

Anti-smoking campaigns and high cigarette taxes have given a blow to Kentucky's once-blossoming tobacco industry.

USDA estimated that farmers in Kentucky harvested an estimated 55,000 hectares of burley tobacco, mainly used for cigarette production. It is down 8000 acres from last year. In the 1990s, Burley harvest reached over 200,000 hectares.

Now Kentucky has one of the largest hemp industries in the country – and McConnell says he believes hemp could be the state's new cash crop.

"Kentucky has proven track record for favorable growth conditions for hemp and there was no legitimate reason why our farmers would not be allowed to grow crop and capitalize in this growing market," McConnell wrote in a quest for The Courier- Journal. [19659023] Hamp is one of the rare bipartisan issues, supported by both Republicans and Democrats in large-scale farmed states.

This does not mean that grass becomes legal too

If you are hopeful about what this bill means for legal casserole, do not hold your breath.

This latest Congress seems more open to legalizing the pot than ever, but the Republicans still control the Senate. And McConnell and many other senators (from both sides) remain unlike marijuana legalization.

It is true that Trump has not been a vowel opponent of marijuana. But he is certainly not the leading responsibility to light up.

Farmers are getting big, but it's not easy

With falling crop prices, increasing debt and an ongoing trade war with China, US farmers have worn. When hemp is legal, farmers will have greater access to a whole new market.

Although ham products can easily be found in stores, it actually grows more difficult. Previously, farmers could only grow hemp for research under pilot programs monitored by their state and the US Department of Agriculture, a provision made possible by the 2014 bill.

The bill for 2018 looses many restrictions on the production of hemp and farmers can also apply for USDA crops and subsidy programs . The bill also makes it particularly possible for tribal nations to grow hemp on their lands.

But growing hemp will not be as easy as growing tomatoes or grains.

The previous restrictions on growing hemp mean that it is not a good seed tank that captures the genetic diversity of the plant. In other words, many plant breeders start from scratch to find out what pests and diseases they face and how hemp fits in with the rest of the crops.

There are also concerns about what is classified as hemp – the legal definition states that the plant can contain no more than 0.3% THC. Farmers wishing to breed the crop must comply with the regulations set by their states. Farmers in states that do not develop hemp regulation plans must comply with USDA standards.

And although the bill opens hemp that grows to more farmers, not everyone gets to participate.

Anyone with a crime on drug abuse is banned from growing hemp. It is a provision that critics say disproportionately affects non-white people, continues the legacy of the war on drugs.

McConnell forbade to regret concerns he received from the Senate Judges Committee, the Administration and outside the interest groups, according to Politico.

"It's ridiculous," said Lex Pelger, head of education for Colorado hemp and CBD company Bluebird Botanicals. "If there is one thing we can change, that would be."

The CBD industry is also very excited

  Hemp oil products appear during the Cannabis World Congress in New York.

CBD is everywhere these days – in lattes, lotions and even dog food.

Hemp-derived CBD sales in the United States reached $ 190 million last year and a report project, the CBD oil market will reach $ 1 billion by 2020.

Pelger predicts that dealers now feel more comfortable about jumping into the CBD Play hand.

Although the DEA has said in recent years that it would not go for companies and consumers over hemp or CBD, many researchers and retailers were still nervous about entering the market.

"This will carry the already thriving industry to the next level," Pelger said.

The new law also makes it easier for existing CBD companies. Pelger said that it would give businesses expanded access to credit card processors and advertising on major platforms.

"You can imagine running a business and having a variety of tools that you do not need to be available," said Pegler.

The new law is good news for consumers, also said Pegler.

Lossing restrictions on growing hemp means more competition, more sources of hemp and, claiming hope, better quality.

Still, you should be skeptical about hemp hype

There is a lot of hype on hemp. On the agricultural side, people claim that it is easier to grow and adapt to most of the climates. Others say that it can clean contaminants from the soil and improve soil quality.

Not true, says Smart.

"Many of these things have not been properly studied in these controlled experiments, and may or may not live up to the hype," said Smart.

Many swear the health benefits they get from hemp. But because of all the restrictions, hemp has been under, there is not much research on what is effective and what conditions hemp can relieve.

The bill is important because it legitimizes hemp, Pelger said. And now that it is easier to investigate hemp and enter the industry, we are likely to see more opportunities for innovation.

"It's going to be fascinating to see what the American market is doing with this old, exciting plant."

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