NextEra Energy is a purchase

NextEra Energy: “NextEra is the fastest growing tool. I think it’s great, and I would actually be a buyer here tomorrow morning.”

Spero Therapeutics: “This is the height of speculation. It makes no money at all. You are literally hoping that another drug company will buy that company. That is what needs to happen.”

Moderna: “If we approach the end of Covid, then Moderna must continue to go down a bit more, and Pfizer represents a better buy.”[ads1];

On Holding: “I think there are too many shoe companies. I thought it was one of them. I did not like Allbirds, I did not like On. I just do not like such companies. They are too expensive and they make no money. I mean Come on, you have to make money here. ”

Sanofi: “We have had [CEO Paul Hudson] on a bunch of times. I feel the same way, 3.7% return, that’s fine. … It is good.”

Lincoln Electric: “It’s a very good company. Lincoln is a very, very good company. Here’s how it goes: A company that makes things, builds things, sells them at a profit. Yes. Hallelujah.”

AMN Healthcare Services: “[CEO] Susan Salka is amazing. The stock has fallen a lot. Sold for only 13 times earnings. I say you have to nip here. Right here. I like it.”

23andMe: “It’s a SPAC. Look, I think 23and Me, I think GlaxoSmithKline should go and buy them. But if they do not buy them, it will go even lower.”

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