Next-Gen Tesla Roadster electric range to be outrageous

The upcoming, all-new Tesla Roadster will have the highest electrical range of any production EV made. In fact, the electric range will exceed 1000, but not for miles.

With the latest range upgrades for the Tesla Model S and Model X, the issue of reach for the upcoming Roadster has again been discovered.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously considered the Roadster series untouched by any other electric car. When the Roadster was first revealed, the automaker listed its range of 620 miles. It is a figure that is not known today.

But Musk recently re-adjusted this number in a tweet exchange. According to Musk, the all-new Roadster will go more than 1000 km. Here is the tweet:

There is a crazy high number, so we have to wait and see it to believe it, but Tesla has never failed to deliver on his selection requirement, so we expect this to stand out be true too.

With a range of over 620 miles, the next Roadster leap will be jumping ahead of any other electric car out there. Now we are just waiting for the arrival of this ultimate range king.

Check out the range value for each EV available in the US here

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