New Titleist tools iron, hybrids discovered at Memorial Tournament

DUBLIN, Ohio – Titleist has begun his TOUR validation process at Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Typically, Titleist brings out a new product to the PGA TOUR sites and professional feedback courses before launching into retail. That's exactly the case with Titleist's new tool products, including the U500 and the U510 driver, and TS2 and TS3 hybrids.

While Titleist is not talking about the new designs yet, we can speculate on a few things from the pictures taken by PGATOUR.COM on Monday.

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First, Titleist seems to establish the relationship between hybrids and metalwoods by giving them the known "TS" name. Previously, Titleist provided its hybrids with different nomenclatures ̵[ads1]1; such as 818 H1 and H2 hybrids – than their drivers and fairways woods. Now it seems that they fit right into the TS family. TS2 seems to be a more forgiving option, as there is a bigger profile on the address, and the slimmer TS3 – probably a lower spin or lower launch product – seems to have a weight port in the toe.

Also, with its U500 and U510 irons, the Titleist seems to separate usage irons from a full set of irons; This is reminiscent of its popular 712U iron from the past. In recent years, Titleist employees have used T-MB irons as mileage, but they were not necessarily specifically designed to run irons since the T-MB irons were offered as a complete set to the public. Now it seems that the U500 and U510 irons will stand alone as a driving iron. Relatively speaking, it appears that the U500 has a slimmer profile than the U510, which provides a larger profile and wider sole; This may mean that the U500 is lower launch and the U510 is higher launch and / or more forgiving.

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