New Jersey police have had it with Popeye's chicken sandwich

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Popeye's chicken sandwich has been an agent for chaos in an already chaotic year. It has been the alleged cause of food fights, fist fights, a car wreck, an endangered shooting and stabbing. It can be argued that if people are to act like assholes, they will act like assholes whether there is a chicken sandwich around or not. But can be proven that driving through a certain Popeyes in Rutherford, New Jersey, is causing traffic jams on Route 17, and police have determined they can take action and that they will. [19659004] And so there's an electronic sign posted outside Popeyes that reads: "A sandwich is not worth a ticket. Don't delay traffic. ”

Very simple, very fine. I personally appreciate the rigor of it. Rutherford Police Chief John Russo elaborated further in a statement obtained by News 12 New Jersey: "What we see is people waiting extra time for both drive-thrus to get a sandwich or coffee without regard to Russo recommended that people park their cars and actually go to Popeyes for their sandwich.

Neither Russo nor the police department would tell the TV station if any tickets had been issued to people who are desperate for chicken sandwiches.

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