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Netflix reports first net subscriber loss in the US, misses global subscriber growth predictions – TechCrunch

Netflix's continued subscription price increases may eventually have reached the end of some customers' patience in the United States. Judges from a total paid subscription decline reported the company in the quarterly revenue for its quarterly earnings last year 2019. The company's overall growth for paid subscribers increased by 2.7 million worldwide, but actually increased 2.83 million new subscribers worldwide – while losing around 130,000 net in the United States to count on the difference.

Netflix's consumer price rose from $ 10.99 to $ 12.99 during its fiscal second quarter, which could definitely be part of the downturn. However, the company does not seem to have expected such a strong response, as it had expected a net 5.0 million subscriber growth number from the last quarter, based at least on the 5.5 million that was added to paying customers in Q2 201

8. [19659002] In particular, the company says it lost its subscriber growth, adding more significantly to regions where price inflation was introduced, to those where it did not – even though growth was lower than expected in all regions where it operates. You may think that some of their interruptions by users in the United States have to do with competition, but the company points out that most of its material competitors are actually only announced, not available in the market, so this does not really mean a significant cause.

Instead, Netflix points to the content library, as well as the price changes in markets where they search. The Q2 content shifts led to fewer new registrations than the company expected, the earnings release said. It is despite the strong four-week performance numbers from "When They See Us" (25 million households), "Our Planet" (33 million), "Murder Mystery" (73 million), "The Perfect Date" Always be me maybe " ($ 32 million)

Nevertheless, the company believes it will add a whole lot of new subscribers in the third quarter of this year, with the expectation that 7 million paid memberships are adding, which is significantly higher than 6.1 million it A major reason for this optimism may be that it launches a new, mobile-only and less expensive part for India, which will start during the quarter.

Netflix's share price is down more than 10% after hours from this writing based on these results.The full Q2 Netflix value is available here.

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