Netflix is ​​considering a $7 to $9 monthly price for the ad-supported tier, the report said

Streaming service Netflix is ​​considering pricing the new ad-supported subscription tier at $7 to $9 per month, according to a report. That will be around half the price of the most popular ad-free plan, which costs $15.50 a month.

As Netflix prepares to introduce advertising for the first time, it is careful to strike the right balance between attracting budget-minded viewers and offering a non-jarring experienceBloomberg reported Friday.

The company plans to sell about four minutes of ads per hour for the new tier and will run ads during and before some shows, but not after, Bloomberg said, citing unnamed sources familiar with Netflix̵[ads1]7;s plans.

Netflix did not immediately provide a comment to CNET.

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Ads do not appear during children’s shows, Bloomberg reported previously, and subscribers will reportedly be unable to download content for offline viewing.

Netflix’s new ad-supported tier could begin rolling out in at least six markets in the final three months of this year, Bloomberg said Friday, with a full launch possibly in early 2023. However, plans are subject to change.

Last April, when Netflix reported its first loss of subscribers in a decade turned co-CEO Reed Hastings year of termination any interest in advertising of revealing the company looked at a cheaper, ad-supported alternative. The company is also planning a start-up charges for password sharingnext year.

Rival streaming services Hulu and Disney Plus has also recently announced new ad-supported offers as part of their lineup.

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