Netflix can co-exist with Disney, streaming competitors

Netflix can peacefully co-exist in the streaming industry, even though the market braces for more competition from Walt Disney, Google's YouTube and Apple, CN Cracker Jim Cramer said Wednesday.

As the video giant continues to add popular content, such as" Triple Frontier "," Bird Box "and" FOUR: The Greatest Party Like Never happened, "to the platform, customers will fear to miss, he said.

" It's about peer pressure. That's why [CEO] Reed Hastings is right when he says, "The real metric is that we can keep members happy," said the Mad Money host.

Although Disney is expected to roll out his $ 6.99 Disney + service and Hulu lowered his most basic plan to $ 5.99, Cramer said Netflix's price point would still be affordable compared to a night out on film.

Netflix recently achieved $ 8, $ 1[ads1]4, and $ 16 subscription options, and the stock plunged more than 6% on the January announcement.

Even if you tie Netflix, Disney and other streaming subscriptions, Cramer said the price doesn't even come close to his cable bills that extend into the three-phase digits of a channel scale he never thinks of seeing.

"Netflix is ​​a steal. It's not just a bargain, that's what I call a necessary trade," says Cramer. "You can't say about many cable networks, except of course from CNBC, which is of course important."

For sports enthusiasts, ESPN + is also a bargain for just $ 4.99 a month, he said.

No wonder people cut the cord.

"You find a way to give me some sports packages without the 85 The channels from 1 to 100 that I did not use and I would be a string cutter, too, after reviewing these limits extorted cable bills, "Cramer said.

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