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Neil deGrasse Tyson: Why Elon Musk is the most important technology giant today

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson shares why he places Elon Musk over other tech luminaires.
  • Musk attempts to change the future of humanity, according to Tyson.
  • Musk's attempt is much more than just making a new app, argues the astrophysicist.

We love our tech heroes, the prophets of the latest and best machinery that transform our lives faster and faster with each new invention. But who are among the most important lights from Apple Steve Jobs to Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Microsoft's Bill Gates, the most important?

The famous astrophysician Neil deGrasse Tyson answered this question in an interview with CNBC. His pick ̵[ads1]1; Elon Musk, the early technological entrepreneur of our times, which founded Tesla Motors, SpaceX, The Boring Company and Neuralink among other game-changing companies.

This breadth of Musk's efforts is what Tyson appreciates over other tech influencers – Tyson says that Elon is "trying to invent a future" and not just "next app".

"As important as Steve Jobs, there was no doubt about it – [and] you have to add him to Bill Gates because they gave birth to the personal computing revolution kind of together – here's the difference: Elon Musk tries to invent a future, not by giving the next app, "said Tyson.

What is important, pointing at the astrophysicist, is that Musk does not "just give us the next app that will be amazing on our smartphone," but "thinking about society, culture, how we interact, what powers must be done taking civilization into the next century. "

Muskos efforts have actually brought him to re-imagine human travel both in space and on earth, as well as how people interact with their machines everywhere.

The fact that Musk, as CEO of the Revolutionary SpaceX, centers much of its work on Roman colonization is Tyson's biggest selling point. He believes that the room will provide "unlimited resources" and reduce our dependence on war as a means of distributing them. "A whole war category has the potential to evaporate completely with the utilization of space resources, which also includes unlimited access to energy," he assumes.

This focus on space has the greatest potential for influencing society, according to Tyson, who says Musk, will transform civilization as we know. "

Although Elon Musk certainly has its critics, Tyson believes that they will be won eventually after the sheer range of pot-smoking billionaires performances. " We are at the border of civilization front and no I do not think that he gets his execution from all sectors of society, "said Deys Tyson," but eventually he will reach sectors as he is groundbreaking, transforming the lives of those who currently have no idea that their lives will change. "[19659014] Related Articles Around The World

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