This is about how much you should spend for retirement. Buzz60's Natasha Abellard has the story.

If you dream of retiring to traditional ports like Florida, Arizona and Nevada, it's a one-word retort: ​​Nebraska.

That's right. Nebraska came out at the top of's annual state rating based on their appeal as a retiree.

After Nebraska in the top five were Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota and Florida.

Nebraska was rated high in well-being (eighth) and affordable (14th) and in the top half in crime (19th) and culture (21st). It scored among the lower halves of the conditions only in weather (30.).

"Nebraska is not the top humor for many Americans considering where to retire," says data analyst Adrian Garcia. "But if you're looking for a place with high ratings for affordable and well-being, you can fall in love with the country's heart."

Meanwhile, Missouri ranked first for affordability. South Dakota was in the top 15 in both cultures and well-being. Florida was the second in the weather.

Maryland went worst, with New York, Alaska, Illinois and Washington rounding the bottom five. Maryland was fourth in the bottom in affordable, nineteen worst in culture and 13th worst in well-being "It scored in the top half only in the weather (18.).

" Maryland's bad points for the factors seniors care most about pushing it to the bottom of Bankrates ranking, even during the less affordable New York and California, Garcia says. .

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New York was at the expense of 13th and 13th from the bottom, more than offsetting its seventh best score in culture. Alaska was the worst in the weather and bound for the worst in crime. Illinois was second from the bottom in well-being and 11th worst in reasonably priced. Washington was in the bottom 15 in affordable, crime, weather and well-being.

Nebraska came out at the top of's 2019 annual state rating based on their appeal as a retiree. The analysis considered affordability, well-being, weather, culture and crime, in that order. (Photo: Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images)

"There are many factors to consider when deciding to retire," Garcia says. "Some people may choose to stay close to family, while others prefer to visit hot weather or affordable stays.

" It comes down to very personal preferences, so it's important to weigh all factors and decide what's most important to yours. happiness. "

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