Navarro says in a combative CNBC interview that & # 39; Congress has declared war on this president & # 39 ;.

Trump's trade adviser Peter Navarro on Monday told CNBC that House Democrats "declared war on this president" when they opened an inquiry.

But while defending President Donald Trump over the whistleblower, Navarro was on the defensive in a "Squawk Box" interview, refusing to answer many of the White House's direct questions had once considered limiting US investment in China.

Navarro came out and swung during the interview, calling the House impeachment effort "a coup d'├ętat."

"I think it's war," Navarro added. "Congress has declared war on this president, the electoral process and the American people."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last week that the Democrat-led House will launch an inquiry into Trump over alleged abuse of power over the president's potential efforts to pressure Ukraine to probe the son of the Democratic president's frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden .

Navarro characterized recent reports that the United States considered restrictions on Chinese companies as grossly inaccurate and "fake news."

"That story, which appeared in Bloomberg, I have read it far more carefully than it was written," Navarro told CNBC. "Over half of it was very inaccurate or simply flat-out false."

Several news sites, including CNBC, reported Friday that the White House was thinking of ways to abolish the flow of US dollars to China and Chinese companies.

Navarro, director of the White House National Trade Council, said that all reports not on record with a Trump administration official should not be believed. He did not answer a question whether he has ever conducted non-attribution briefings with journalists.

However, Navarro refused to answer repeated follow-up questions if the administration had even considered something that reported the investment restrictions. [1[ads1]9659010]

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