National Coffee Day: All your coffee questions have been answered

(CNN) – Finally, the day we've all been waiting for: National Coffee Day (known for plebs as September 29).

It's a day for caffeine addicts, workaholics and Pumpkin Spice Latte enthusiasts to hit the streets to celebrate the only thing that gets them up in the morning.

So what's the real deal with coffee? Here are answers to some of your questions:

Where did the popular drink originate?

Legend has it that the great potential of coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder who noticed how excited his goats were after eating coffee berries. After notifying local monks, he quickly spread the effects of the berries, eventually reaching the Arabian Peninsula where it began to become the social touchstone it is today.
Throughout the region, the popularity of coffee houses began where people would gather to drink and socialize. These spots were even referred to as "Schools of the Wise," according to the National Coffee Association. If only the coffee tray in the break room would convey that kind of wisdom.

What is the difference between ice coffee and cold brewing?

Don't worry, breweries aren't trying to fool you. There is actually a difference between the two cool drinks.

In contrast, cold brewing is made from steep in cold water for hours, usually twelve or more, and produces a rich, smooth concentrate that should be diluted with water or milk.

Is coffee good for you?

Coffee is healthy! No, it's bad for you. Wait! It's healthy again.

Scientists cannot seem to agree on whether coffee should be considered healthy, leaving coffee spouses who question their daily vice.
Researchers at Queen Mary University earlier this year found that drinking coffee, even as many as 25 cups a day, is unlikely to increase your chances of stiff arteries.

Before taking the sigh of relief, you may want to summarize your coffee consumption today.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that drinking six or more cups of coffee a day can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Conflict? Just wait.

Two studies from 201[ads1]7 concluded that moderate (think two to four cups) coffee consumption can lead to longer life. The antioxidant-rich bean has also been shown to reduce diseases such as type 2 diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer's, and even some types of cancers.

So it seems that coffee drinkers may be able to stay a few extra years and wait until scientists agree if the drink is actually good for you.

Can coffee really sober you up?

We've all heard this at some point. Do you get tired after a few alcoholic drinks, but want power through the night? Get some caffeine in your system and you can go for a few more hours. Right?

Maybe not.

Even if you consume caffeine you may feel more awake, but it does nothing to make you less intoxicated. In fact, you are less likely to realize how full you actually are. Concerned parties worry that this feeling can cause drunk people to drive drunk, drink a dangerous amount of alcohol or make poor decisions and think they are "reassured."

Is drinking coffee bad for the environment?

[19659003] While the bean itself is natural, the coffee culture produces an absurd amount of waste. Let's see: You have disposable cups, filters, straws, plastic tops, mixers, tiny creamer cups, disposable machine cups, napkins, reason …. do I need to continue?

The conscious consumer may be able to avoid this by using reusable products, but even the process of growing coffee to meet global demand can be detrimental to the environment. Coffee beans make up only half of the actual coffee cherries from which the beans are harvested, creating a large amount of waste product just to get the beans themselves.
  Arabica Coffee Berries, Southwest Ethiopia (Credit: Aaron Davis, RBG Kew)

Arabica Coffee Berries, Southwest Ethiopia (Credit: Aaron Davis, RBG Kew)

Aaron Davis / RBG Kew

So what gets me from National Coffee Day?

All that just reading about limiting your coffee consumption is likely to fly out the window the second you see how easy it is to get coffee to fix this national coffee day.

Many stores call on that special holiday by giving out free or discounted cups of the delicious, eye-opening drink. After all, the only thing better than coffee is free coffee. Here are just a few:

Silk will refund you up to $ 5 for your non-dairy milk drink this Sunday if you send them a PayPal request for the cost of your drink and state the drink order in the note. [19659003] They limit the fun to $ 5,000 in reimbursement, so have your PayPal account ready.

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