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NASCAR bans some gun industries, says retailer

  NASCAR has begun rejecting gun industry ads displaying "assault-style rifles" and some other legal firearms, said a national online firearm seller in criticism of the move. "Title =" NASCAR has begun rejecting gun industry ads showing "assault style rifles and some other lawful firearms," ​​said a national gun salesman online as he criticized the move. "/> </source></source></source></source></source></picture></div><figcaption>
<p>          NASCAR has begun rejecting gun industry ads "assault rifles" and some other lawful firearms, a national gun seller on the web said in criticizing the move.</p>
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NASCAR has begun rejecting gun industry ads showing "assault style rifles" and some other firearms, said a national online firearms seller in criticism of the move.

NASCAR anti-gun now? "Said officials with K-Var Corp. in a recent blog that broke the news about the NASCAR ad ban.

K-Var officials said they and other gun dealers and manufacturers learned about the ban in mid-August from their media sales agent, National Event Publications.

In a Aug. 19 message to K-Var and other weapons industry clients, the media sales agent said "it had only heard from NASCAR about a number of weapons-related ads and unfortunately, due to a gradual change in NASCAR's position on guns, these ads are edited / modified – especially those depicted as attack style / rifle rifles.

"NASCAR is still open to some of the less controversial gun accessories, concealed carry or classes," according to the National Event Publications message, which K-Var posted on its blog.

"What does that even mean?" K-Var asked about the phrase "gradually changing weapons." "Do they have any idea who the audience bases are? Do they not know the consequences, the violent rebellion and boycotts of those who have supported the Pro Second opposition to such as Dick & # 39; s Sporting Goods or Yeti Coolers?"

28 On February 2018, Dick's Sporting Goods announced that it would no longer sell assault-style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, and would ban the sale of all types of weapons to anyone 20 and under, The Washington Post reported. [19659010] Supporters of the National Rifle Association called for a boycott of cooler manufacturer Yeti after word the company cut ties with the NRA Foundation, reported USA Today in April 2018. Yeti disputed the claim, saying it ended various outdated discount programs that the foundation participated in, the newspaper reported. [19659004] A NASCAR spokesman did not respond to two phone messages from The Charlotte Observer on Saturday about the ban.

In the blog, K-Var said it was joining CZ-USA, Berett a, Daniel Defense and 13 other gun dealers and manufacturers to agree to advertise in the official programs for the last 26 races of the NASCAR season.

NASCAR's August announcement came to National Event Publications that NASCAR would restrict the types of firearms that may appear in the ads, according to the K-Var blog. National Event Publications then notified gun manufacturers and retailers who had agreed to buy ads.

"NASCAR has allowed ads from firearms manufacturers for several years," according to the author of the K-Var blog. "The AK-47s, AR-15s and scoped rifles have all been featured lately, so I guess with this statement it can only mean that NASCAR is marching towards a full anti-gun stance – it's just slow rolling one or the other. for another reason. "

The K-Var blogger asked:" E friend if your audience was split 50-50 on the second change question, why would you intentionally alienate half of your base? "

The sport includes such nationally recognized supporters of the Second Amendment as longtime team owner and NASCAR Hall of Fame member Richard Childress.

Childress told authorities that when three military-style invaders tried to break into his home in in December 2017, he took his handgun, went down and fired several shots at home invaders and intimidated them, reports The Charlotte Observer at the time.

However, social media seemed divisive in its reaction to NASCA R banned some gun ads.

"This is as embarrassing as one of the sports," wrote one man.

"I no longer want to look at Nascar," said another.

Others supported the move strongly.

"You have earned my deepest respect, "a man said to NASCAR that the move" took a lot of guts "given potential backlash from some fans." Bravo! "

" I LOVE @NASCAR and my family, and I am thrilled to see this , "Wrote another man." GREAT job NASCAR! "

NASCAR has not yet responded to the rage, CNN reported on Saturday morning and online Friday.

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