My new business will create Japan Blockchain Leader & # 39;

The former CEO of defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox, Mark Karpeles, wants to start a new Blockchain business in Japan.

Karpeles Blockchain Gift To Japan

It was the plans Karpeles reportedly told the press in comments on June 5, when he appealed a conviction for data corruption as part of Mt. Gox-proceedings.

While the details are sparse, Associated Press (AP) claims that he is planning to use "the same computer technology" for the project, which Karpeles did not specifically refer to. According to AP the 34-year-old Frenchman wants to make Japan a leader in the Blockchain technology. "

His words come after a turbulent few months for Mt. Gox. Japanese prosecutors had originally demanded that Karpeles was found guilty of poisoning and earned ten years in prison. Afterwards, he sentenced those charges, instead was sentenced for data corruption and after Every time he got a two and a half year suspended sentence.

Lawyers even fighting the charge they revealed last month when Karpeles consistently protested over his innocence during the stock exchange's nearly six-year legal debate.

In 201[ads1]3, funds disappeared A total of 850,000 coins from Mt. Gox, suspected of falling into Karpeles on security and interaction with user money. 160,000 coins due to exchange rate fluctuations since the time users lost their money.

"I don't want this. I don't want this billion dollars, "he wrote during a Reddit AMA session.

From day one, I had never expected to receive anything from this bankruptcy, the fact that today is an opportunity is an aberration and I think it is my responsibility to make sure that it does not happen.

Karpeles Faces Refreshed Japanese Crypto Sector

While it is still to see what kind of project is

As Bitcoinist reported, Japanese is domestic exchange sector thriving, with strict licensing and regulatory surveillance designed to ensure further significant breach of consumer confidence does not occur.

  blockchain Crypto Exchange Giant Coinbase announces the opening of Japan Office

Mt. Gox was just the first in a series of Japanese exchange explosions , and 2018 sees over $ 500 million in altcoins leaving co-workers Coincheck, which has now been restored under a new owner.

The industry has since received interest e from global companies including Yahoo! Japan, which launched its newly acquired exchange, Tao Tao, May 30.

A little earlier, a Japanese Blockchain fund revealed that it pumped $ 200 million to the operator of South Korean exchange Bithumb.

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