More Snap execs are out of date reports or 'inappropriate relationship'

 Snap is facing a fresh round of executive drama.
Snap is facing a fresh round of executive drama.

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Snap is facing a fresh round of executive drama after reports have surfaced that two more executives are leaving the company under less than desirable circumstances.

The company's head of security, Francis Racioppi, and head of human resources, Jason Halbert, were pushed out after an investigation into Racioppi's "inappropriate relationship" with an outside contractor, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Racioppi was reportedly fired last year in a previously undisclosed incident after the company discovered he had ended the contract of a woman he had been following a personal relationship with.

Halbert, who was Snap's head of HR, wasn t "directly involved" in this incident, according to the WSJ but he was close with Racioppi. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel reportedly asked Halbert to resign this week due to the Racioppi situation and "other issues related to his performance."

Halbert previously made headlines after The Information reported last year the executive has faced "numerous" complaints of unprofessional behavior that included talk of "rapists and mass murderers" and "sexual fantasies."

A spokesperson for Snap declined to comment

The report comes just days after Snap announced the departure of CFO Tim Stone, who had been at the company just eight months. Over the last year, Snap has also lost a number of top executives in its hardware, product, marketing, and communications divisions.

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