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More at Workhorse, the company is interested in GM Lordstown

On Wednesday, General Motors announced that it is negotiating to sell the now-invented Lordstown Assembly plant to a company interested in building an electric pickup truck.

At 11:18 am on Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump managed the potential that GM Lordstown could be sold to "Workhorse".

An Ohio-based company, whose ear reaction started in the morning at just 82 cents, but increased more than 214 percent after the president's tweet, according to CNBC.

At one point, the attention of the company's website to crash increased.

"They assume what you want to consider a kind of" tech startup "that focuses on electric mobility solutions for the transport sector, says Dan Flores, a spokesman for GM.

The Company is based in Loveland, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb. and employs about 98 full-time employees. It specializes in electric vehicles.

One of these vehicles is an electric pick-up called W-1[ads1]5.

There is speculation that this may be the style of truck manufactured in Lordstown.

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A reporter with Cincinnati Enquirer profiled the vehicle.

"I would say it is similar to a Ford F150. Although the interior is a little nicer, "Randy Tucker said." They estimated that the retail cost would cost around $ 52,000. "

Workhorse also produces larger electric delivery wagons.

There is already a supplier to UPS and DHL and has announced that it is one of several finalists who may possibly give electric trucks to the US postal service.

It's a deal Lorjan's future with the company hangs on.

"So we'll definitely urge the post office to give it the contract," said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. 19659002] Workhorse products also come to heaven.Surefly is a personal helicopter, and Horsefly is a drone package delivery system.

Forbes mentions the company's history of "checkered" reporting, the company was founded in 1998 and changed hands and name several times

21 News found Workhorse lost $ 6.3 million over the first three months of this year, reporting a decline in sales f or the first quarter of this year compared to the same time last year.

However, the company said that annualized comparisons should not represent the Company's capacity or interest in its vehicles.

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. Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted said he has visited the company on several occasions.

"They are a very viable company and they are a company that has the potential for a great future," says Husted.

21 News has been told that if an agreement were to be concluded between GM and Workhorse, a brand new one would company ld be formed to buy the plant, and workhorse would only be a minority stake.

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