Misprinted UC Irvine sweatshirt from Costco becomes coveted item among college students

After Costco released misprinted UC Irvine sweatshirts and removed them from stores in less than a day, students and alumni are now scrambling to buy the defective items.

The sweaters designed for the University of California, Irvine, which was sold at three Costco locations in Orange County, misspelled the school’s name as “UC Urvine Anteaters.” After acknowledging the error, Costco stores “took immediate action to have [the sweatshirts] removed.”

However, many current and former students are actively searching for the faulty jumpers, with one Twitter user saying they would “go to LENGTHS”[ads1]; to get one.

Vivian Le, a 2010 alumna, stated that she has never purchased UC Irvine’s merchandise but would “definitely purchase this” and expressed confidence that other students would also be interested in purchasing the defective sweatshirts.

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Le checked eBay for possible listings of the sweater, but was unable to find any.

Second have begged those who managed to buy the sweater to put them up for resale.

“It’s definitely news that a lot of students want,” one student told CBS. “I definitely want to show it off, be a little proud that they’re reproducing the goods.”

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A UC Irvine spokesperson stated that the university “was made aware of the defective merchandise over the weekend at three Costco stores in Orange County.”

“UCI regularly works with suppliers and with merchandising, design, manufacturing and retail. While there are various places in the supply chain where a defect can occur, it is a rare occurrence,” the spokesperson told the East Bay Times.

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