Ministry of Justice supports Qualcomm's bid to stop the enforcement of antitrust equalization

The US Department of Justice is sitting with Qualcomm Inc.

QCOM, + 0.32%

in his bid to enforce an antitrust smoothing against the chip maker during his complaint process, claiming that the company is important to national security. In documents filed on Tuesday, the Justice Department said the court's decision "threatens competition, innovation and national security." In a related filing, Ellen Lord, the Defense Department Secretary for Acquisition and Maintenance, said that "Qualcomm is a key player in both its reliable supply chain and innovation leader, and it would be impossible to replace Qualcomm's critical role in 5G technology at In May, a federal judge sued the Federal Trade Commission in claiming that Qualcomm had violated the antitrust law through licensing practices as "crashed competition". The San Diego-based company immediately filed a complaint seeking a ban on enforcement and claimed that the decision would force it to change its business model, which would be too difficult to relax if eventually the government was overturned in appeal.

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