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Millions of Hacked Routers, Apple's Court Troubles, and more news

Your Cisco Routes are not safe, the Supreme Court voted against Apple, and the nostalgic Tomagotchi has returned. Here's the technical news you need to know in two minutes or less.

Today's headlines

Hackers found a way into Cisco devices. Millions of them

Everyone uses Cisco routers, including institutions that handle hypersensitive information. Scientists have now revealed an external attack that would allow an attacker to take over some of these routes and compromise all the data and commands that flow through them. The hacks undermine a security feature that has been in almost all Cisco devices since 201[ads1]3, jeopardizing hundreds of millions of units.

The Supreme Court struck Apple against

The case Apple Inc. v. Pepper, concerns a group of iPhone users accusing Apple of running up the price of apps by charging a third-party app developer a 30 percent commission. The case was settled in several lower courts before the Supreme Court's justice Brett Kavanaugh voted decisively (5-4) to allow iPhone owners to have their day in court. The case may end up being a big blow for not only Apple, but other big tech companies that like to consider themselves "neutral marketplaces, not direct sellers."

Tamagotchis is back

Yes, the world's first digital pet has made its brilliant return in the form of Tamagatchi On. It's still wonderfully primitive, but comes with a new price ($ 59.99), a color display and useful addition like a Tama Hotel to make sure your little buddy doesn't die if you can't take care of it for a day. 19659009] Cocktail Conversation

In the run-up to a new HBO show about the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, consider this curious fact: Forcing humanity from the area has resulted in a flourishing of wildlife. It is leading scientists to wonder: Is a radioactive, human-free landscape the ideal haven for plants and animals?

WIRED recommends: Sound machines

Be real with yourself, you hardly get enough sleep. But audio machines can help. Whether you want to drift to ocean waves or drown the world with some white noise, these are the best ones to pick up right now.

More news you can use

A new Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek series comes to Amazon. Sorta.

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