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Microsoft, Chewy, GameStop, MongoDB and more

Microsoft Corporation’s headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris, France, April 18, 2016.

Charles Plates | Reuters

Take a look at the companies that are making headlines on dinner trading on Thursday.

Microsoft ̵[ads1]1; Shares of technology giant fell 0.6% after Microsoft cut its quarterly earnings and earnings guidance. Microsoft cited unfavorable exchange rates as the reason for the move.

Meta Platforms – Facebook’s parent company rose 4.8% after Sheryl Sandberg announced she was leaving her role as CEO. Growth manager Javier Olivan will take over the position this autumn.

GameStop – The shares of the video game retailer rose 9.4% after the company announced its quarterly results. GameStop reported $ 1.38 billion in revenue in the first quarter, up from $ 1.27 billion reported in the quarter last year. But it also reported a net loss of $ 157.9 million, which is worse than the net loss of $ 66 million in the quarter last year.

Chewy – The pet e-commerce company rose 23.3% after reporting an unexpected profit in the previous quarter. Chewy shared earnings of 4 cents per share of $ 2.43 billion in revenue. Analysts expected a loss of 14 cents per share of $ 2.42 billion in revenue, according to Refinitiv.

MongoDB – The database platform provider’s share rose by 17.8% after the company’s results for the previous quarter exceeded analysts’ expectations. MongoDB reported an unexpected earnings of 20 cents per share of $ 285 million in revenue. Analysts had expected a loss of 9 cents per share on revenue of 267 million dollars.

Generac – The generator company’s shares jumped more than 9.7% after UBS named it a top choice. The investment company said that the disadvantage of Generac’s core business had already been priced into the market, and the company’s investment in clean energy gave the share a significant upside.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Hewlett Packard Enterprise fell 5.5% after missing analysts’ earnings and earnings forecasts for the previous quarter. The company reported a profit of 44 cents per share on revenue of $ 6.71 billion, compared to a Refinitive consensus estimate of 45 cents per share of $ 6.78 billion in revenue.

PVH – The clothing company increased by 2.5% after beating Wall Street’s forecast on the top and bottom line for the previous quarter. Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein owner reported a $ 1.94 per share profit of $ 2.12 billion in sales, compared to estimates of 1.61 cents per share of $ 20.9 billion in sales.

Hormel Foods – Shares of Hormel Foods fell 5.2% after the company trimmed its accounting 2022 earnings guidance. The food company expects earnings per share to range between $ 1.87 and $ 1.97 after previously earning between $ 1.87 per share and $ 2.03 per share.

– CNBC’s Jesse Pound and Yun Li contributed reporting

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