Metaverse, schmetaverse – take me to Islandverset

Mark Zuckerberg’s extensive video about Facebook / Meta’s pivot to the metaverse has become something of a meme, but perhaps the best parody of the presentation was made this week by, of all places, Iceland.

In an almost two and a half minute long video, a man identified as Chief Visionary Officer Zack Mossbergsson begins a discussion about “a revolutionary approach to how we connect the world without being super weird.

“Someone said it was not possible,” he continues. “Someone said it was out of reach. To them we say it is already here. ”[ads1]; He then gestures in the general direction of a beautiful, snow-covered Icelandic landscape that extends as far as the eye can see. “Seriously, look, it’s right here.”

The rest of the video is a funny pitch for “Icelandverse”, which he describes as an “enhanced, actual reality without a headset that looks stupid”. I do not want to spoil so much more, but expect many beautiful pictures of Iceland and some small but good jokes.

The thing is, even though this is a parody, it is actually one incredible selling point for the country Iceland. Which makes sense, since the video was made by an organization whose mission is to promote the country.

Metavers, schmetavers. I’m ready to go to Islandverse.

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