Metaverse Avenue, the Solana-based marketing platform to transform a billion-dollar industry

Digital assets have experienced a boom in recent years with new trends, such as DeFi, NFTs and digital real estate, supporting a new wave of adoption led by institutional demand. These players have embraced the technology on which they plan to build the Internet of the future, Metaverse.

In the coming years, as younger generations inherited wealth and power, every financial and business sector will have to have a presence in Metaverse. Underestimating the benefits and opportunities in the past can thus reward projects and investors who develop a business strategy around these assets.

A new project called Metaverse Avenue and built on Solana was created for users to begin the journey into this sector. This metaverse advertising platform leverages the power of NFTs for users or companies to market their products, personal and corporate, in the digital world.

Create your profile or rent property on Metaverse

Metaverse Avenue has a strong team of people with deep knowledge in the marketing and development of crypto and blockchain products. In total, around 1[ads1]0 people who understand design, marketing and the crypto industry as a whole, decided to create a unique way to combine the power of NFTs with marketing.

Metaverse Avenue will allow users to purchase NFTs and get blockchain on the project’s digital billboards. There, a person or company can upload information and a picture of themselves or a brand. Billboards will be formed by a certain number of blocks.

According to the project’s official website, Metaverse Avenue will only feature a total of 10,000 tokens. These digital assets will be worth 1 block on the platform and will be available for pre-sale on January 26thth at 20.00 London time.

Investors and stakeholders can sign up for the pre-sale via a whitelist. More information about this upcoming event can be obtained via Metaverse social media, and their Discord Channel. Those who register and get one of the limited places on the white list will receive a discount during the advance sale.

At that time, 1 Metaverse Avenue NFT will have a value of 0.99 SOL. After the event, during the project’s main sale, 1 NFT will be valued at 1.99 SOL which will give them the size of the block and the location, each of which is determined randomly and with its own individual size.

Metaverse Avenue, how to generate passive income on digital land

Once these events are completed, the NFTs will be listed on a marketplace, such as or However, each owner will be able to indicate the cost of renting one of their blocks for advertising. Offers must be placed on Metaverse Avenue’s official website.

Thus, the platform will act as a guarantor between a potential advertiser and a digital block owner. According to the project’s website, the functionality for renting out blocks will be activated in April 2022 when the platform enters a multi-year development phase with exciting new functions and opportunities.

Data from Republic Real Estate, one of the largest real estate agencies in the United States, estimates that digital land has achieved over 10 times return since 2019. The growing demand and the financial opportunities to take advantage of new opportunities, such as marketing and advertising with Metaverse Avenue and similar projects , seems to support more gratitude for the sector.

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