Memorial Day vegetarian grilling: Best meat options

Memorial Day weekend is finally here. Many of us in United Sates get to kick back and ask for it not to rain. If the weather stops, you probably have the chance to go to a grill, one of the few good American food traditions. This year, the cookout can be different – you can shake things up by making it a vegetarian, or at least partially vegetarian.

You can ask yourself, why should I do that? And the answer is: Because it is actually quite trendy to serve meat options. Over the past few years, companies like Impossible have grown in popularity. The fast food joints, including White Castle and even Burger King, test out the impossible burger. Other companies like Sonic have started offering their own fake meat options. Not to mention, Beyond Meat just went public, and it was one of the most successful IPOs in the last decade. That is, you would make you look intelligent and with it if you served at least one patty or sausage that was not the result of an animal death.

If you do not know the options available, here is an absolutely non-exhaustive list of some of the products available in most supermarkets:

  • Beyond Meat: Beyond that, both burgers and sausages, though I am more partial to the latter. They are the type of meat alternative that is supposed to fool even the predators. Both work very well on grills, and have some umami du ne sais quoi that many other vegetarian products cannot pull off. However, they are a bit pricy; a four-pack of sausages can set you back as much as $ 1[ads1]0.
  • Field Roast: This is a meat-alternative company that has been around for a while (22 years, to be exact) and offers some of them most tasty options. Field Roast's sausages, for example, have both tougher, more natural, meat-based flavors along with some really good flavors (the Italian brats and Mexican chipotle are both amazing). It also makes burgers that are definitely good, but more on the veggie burger side of things than meat imitation.
  • Tofurky: Tofurky is another stalwart in vegetarian food. This nearly 40-year-old company is best known for its roast that sounds like it can taste much like turkey, but really doesn't. (That doesn't mean it's not good! The Tofurky roast is actually great!) Over the past decades, Tofurky has branched out to other products, including veggie meats (also good!) And of course sausages and burgers. To keep up with the changing tide of meat options à la Impossible, Tofurky has a variety of burger options, including a hand-shaped DIY burger, and a variety of other pre-formed burgers (including standard veggie fillings and spicy). There are also countless sausage bans, including Italian, beer, kielbasa and a "craftsman" line I haven't tried yet, but I think it's meant to look fancy and cost more.
  • Lightlife: Another old-but-goodie is Lightlife, which offers more veggie options than five people can stuff in their mouths. Back in the good Olympic days (90s), Lightlife was best known for its "Tofu Pups", which were actually sausages made of probably tofu. Today, the company offers so many more, including Smart Dogs, Smart Sausages, Gimme Lean Sausages, etc. This choice is definitely a more retro option – the taste is much more on "I don't know what this is but it's definitely not meat" page than newer "wow, this can be meat, but if it is, it is definitely subpar meat" experience.

There are also a number of other options: For example, Morningstar Farms makes a number of sausages and burgers that are good for grills. Boca and Gardein offer burgers as well as both are available in most stores. Quorn is another solution that offers a variety of meat options that have a much different texture than most others (in a good way!) – although I would say Quorn's chicken options are the best. [19659003] All this to say that if you wanted it, you could have a brilliant vegetarian (or even vegan!) Barbecue while celebrating Memorial Day this weekend. Enjoy and not slaughter for many tofus!

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