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You know that a trend has officially gone mainstream when it arrives at McDonald's, which is exactly where the plant-based Beyond Meat burger landed this week. As the fast-food chain announced last week, it will begin a 12-week test on Monday of a sandwich it has cleverly called P.L.T. (Plant. Salad. Tomato.) At 28 Ontario restaurants. P.L.T. is made with Beyond Meat's patty and "is made exclusively by McDonald's, for McDonald's."

As Ann Wahlgren, McDonald's CEO of Global Menu Strategy, explained in a recent article on the McDonald's website, the company has been keeping a close eye on the growing interest in meat alternatives in recent months, and believes now is the right time to test its own plant-based burger in one of the largest markets.

Here's how to describe McDonald's PLT, in case you're in Ontario, and consider trying one:

The McDonald's PLT is a delicious, juicy, perfectly dressed plant-based burger on a warm, soft, Sesame seed bowl with the iconic McDonald's flavors has fallen in love with McDonald's. With a plant-based patty with no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives, it is a good taste "open breadth and sink your teeth in it" sandwich. P.L.T. will be priced at $ 6.49 plus tax.

Wahlgren says McDonald's is in "learning mode" when it comes to offering plant-based meat alternatives, but if the test is successful, you can expect to see P.L.T. more places in the near future. After all, Burger King has already rolled out its meatless Impossible Whopper across the country, so McDonald's is already playing ketchup catch-up.

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