McDonald’s returns Egg McMuffin to its original price

On Thursday, McDonald’s will sell Egg McMuffin for its original price of 63 cents during breakfast time (06.00 to 10.30). The promotion will be offered exclusively on the McDonald’s app as the restaurant looks to increase its nationwide rewards program.

To celebrate, the fast food chain parts several popular “fan hacks” of the sandwich that make Egg McMuffin “a little extra,” McDonald’s said in a statement. The company encourages customers to buy more food so they can customize Egg McMuffin.

For example, McDonald̵[ads1]7;s customers can make a “Sweet Chicken Sammie,” by ordering a McChicken biscuit and syrup topping Egg McMuffin. Another idea is to drop the muffins and replace them with two hash browns.

“The Egg McMuffin, the first ever fast-serving breakfast sandwich, was added to the McDonald’s menu in 1971 in Santa Barbara, California, and customers have been creative with it ever since,” said Molly McKenna, McDonald’s senior director of brand communications. in the release.

Egg McMuffin was created by California franchisee Herb Peterson in 1971, which compares sandwiched to being eggs benedict on the go. McDonald’s brought the sandwich nationwide in 1975, and it eventually became a cornerstone of the menu.
These hacks have become popular in recent years due to social media, mainly on TikTok. Other chains have begun to include them on their menus, including Dunkin ‘who once sold an iced coffee made by TikTok star Charli D’Amelio. Starbucks (SBUX) had a limited test last summer that let customers order two custom-made drinks through Facebook or Instagram.
To McDonald’s (MCD), the campaign aims to remind people of their long-standing breakfast menu as competitors increase and continue to innovate. Taco Bell handed out free breakfast burritos last month to announce that breakfast is back and Wendys (WEN) spends $ 25 million promoting its popular breakfast menu.

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