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McDonald's plant-based burger: Fast food giant McDonald's "P.L.T." Beyond Meat sandwich in Canada

McDonald's tries out plant-based burgers

Beyond Meat shares peaked after McDonald's announced on Thursday that it will test the plant-based burgers at a handful of restaurants in Canada.

Beyond Meat's stock price jumped more than 11%, closing at around $ 154 per share.

McDonald's said it will sell what it calls the "PLT" – for plant, salad and tomato sandwich for 12 weeks from September 30 at 28 restaurants across Ontario, Canada. The fast-food giant said the formulated item, which will sell for $ 6.49 in Canadian dollars, to mimic the taste of McDonald's regular meat mammals.

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"As customers' interest in plant-based alternatives accelerated, so did our curiosity," wrote Ann Wahlgren, vice president of global menu strategy at McDonald's. in a post on the company's blog. "We've been keeping an eye on this new trend, and now we're ready to learn more by conducting a test in one of our markets."

Plant-based meat products have risen in popularity, with startups such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods marketing pea- or soy-based carbs that mimic taste and texture of meat. Beyond Meat in May blew expectations from Wall Street as the stock price rose 163% in its public market debut .

Nor is McDonald's first attempt at plant-based meat. In April, it launched a soy and wheat grain, called "Big Vegan," in Germany, one of McDonald's largest international markets. It also offers vegan products in Sweden and Finland.

But the new test in North America suggests that McDonald's could soon roll out meatless burgers on the home field. Other fast-food chains that have put plant-based products on their menus this year include Burger King Kentucky Fried Chicken and Tim Horton.

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