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McDonald's Kansas City burger starts grilling

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – McDonalds has started a transatlantic barbecue feast with the introduction of a hamburger in the Kansas City theme in the UK

Outgoing Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Sly James said Tuesday that the fast food chain should "stay in the lane" in a tweet that contained a picture of what he says a "real" burger looks like. Kansas City is known for its style of dry-fiber, slow-cooked meats that are drizzled in tomato-molasses sauce.

Other Twitter users jumped to join mocking after McDonald's proclaimed "Yeehaw" as it promoted its "Kansas City Stack" on social media.

Q39 grill power plant wondered "Yeehaw, buddy!" While Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que retweeted a scathing criticism of the burger and let a laugh tear emoji.

McDonalds says the bacon topped burger is available until June 25, but not in America.

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