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McDonald's cut objects from its late night menu – Business News


McDonalds makes some changes to the late evening menu, and it can't contain any of your favorite items.

In a recent announcement, McDonald said it would be to remove several of its goods every day from the late evening menu so that employees could serve their customers "as soon as possible," reported today.

The company listed eight items that it holds on the menu like the famous Big Mac, Quarter Pounders and Mcnuggets. Breakfast will also be served all day, but it is likely that it will not include every McDonald's breakfast item.

Now it's not going to be on the menu:

"Signaturcrafted Recipes, Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Cherry Cream Sharp Chicken Sandwiches, Cherry Biscuits, Filet-O-Fish and Premium Salads will only be available before midnight," a spokesman confirmed to today. Snack Wraps and bagel sandwiches will also not be available.

Some people are not happy with the change.

The menu change will take place on April 30.

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