Mcdonald's brings back classic toys to the 40th Anniversary of Happy Meal

McDonald's expires the entire 40th anniversary of Happy Meal.

It's been forty years since McDonald's introduced its founder, Happy Meal, and to celebrate, the fast food chain is bringing back some of its most popular toys over the years. According to USA Today from November 7 to 11, McDonald's Surprise Happy Meal will be available across the globe; however, it is a catch. The deal will be a limited run of "while supplies last."

"Since Happy Meal was introduced to the menu, it quickly became synonymous with our brand," McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a statement. "Today, this iconic red box creates lasting memories for billions of families annually worldwide."

"Parents tell us how happy they remember their favorite toys," said Colin Mitchell, McDonald's senior vice president of global marketing. “So removing the Surprise Happy Meal box together creates a real moment of bonding with the kids. We hope these toys are something they will cherish and remember. ”

There are a number of interesting toys coming back such as Space Jam Bugs Bunny from 1[ads1]996, My Little Pony from 1998 and Hamburglar from 1995. Overall, there will be fifteen toys from the last forty years that can be found during the limited run. Check out the complete list below.

  • Cowboy McNugget (McDonald & # 39; s): 1988
  • Fireman McNugget (McDonald & # 39; s): 1988
  • Mail Carrier McNugget (McDonald & # 39; s): 1988
  • Hamburger Changeable (McDonald & # 39; s): 1988 # 39; s: 1989 [19659007] Grimace (McDonald & # 39; s): 1990
  • Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable (McDonald & # 39; s): 1991
  • McDonald & # 39; s Hot Wheels Thunderbird (Mattel ): 1993
  • Hamburglar (McDonald & # 39; s): 1995
  • Power Rangers (Hasbro): 1995
  • Space Jam Bugs Bunny (Warner Bros.): 1996
  • Patti the Platypus (Ty Beanie Baby ): 1997
  • 101 Dalmatians – US Exclusive (Disney): 1997
  • Tamagotchi (Bandai): 1998
  • My Little Pony (Hasbro): 1998
  • Furby (Hasbro): 1999
  • Sorcerer & # 39; s Apprentice Mickey – US Exclusive (Disney): 2002
  • Hello Kitty (Sanrio): 2013

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