McDonald's announced shocking shift in strategy that will affect every customer

Absurdly Driven looks at the business area with a skeptical eye and a firm rooted tongue in the cheek.

Fast food business encourages quick thinking.

Competitors quickly strategize to get the extra margin share, the opportunity to bite a little bit of their rivals.

This easily causes them to go one way and then turn in the opposite direction.

Perhaps one should not be surprised when at McDonald's suddenly decide that it is not as fancy as it promised to be.

In an announcement that was so important that it seemed like facts didn't do, McDonalds said it would be "A New, New Quarter Pounder lineup."

It sounds uplifting, right?

In fact, the burger chain explained that its experiment with actual serving of customers is fresh beef, rather than frozen, proved to be popular.

McDonalds decided to start their announcement with a summary of their fresh successes:

Our customers have said they love our fresh steak. With our new Quarter Pounder Deluxe and Quarter Pounder Bacon, we have introduced even more ways to enjoy the classic burger orders they know and love, now on the fresh steak Quarter Pound patty.

You knew it was bad news coming. The only question was what it would be.

In just a few lines of PR-sanitized talk, the company admitted:

Based on feedback, we will move away from the Signature Crafted Recipes line on our national menu.

When companies insist that their customers insist on a change, there is always a little moment of pause. Could customers really insist on this move away? Or had the finance director said?

If you had omitted to try McDonald's exclusive recipes, there were delights such as mushroom and Swiss Burger, double mushroom and Swiss Burger and mushroom and Swiss kale milk crispy chicken. And of course, Bacon Smokehouse Burger.

When they were introduced two years ago, someone may have had an insight that McDonald's drives upscale. Or at least embrace an upscale element.

Now it seems that it is forced to return to its more hard-pressed roots.

At that time, it used wording that would not have scandalized the most cynical of PR operations:

We will simplify what is served after midnight so that customers can get the most popular favorites as soon as possible.

Of course, it was about serving the most popular items faster.

It seems that after the midnight part might just have been an insidious dream for the big, bad news.

Maybe one shouldn't complain.

It may be true that the classier ticket experiment simply didn't inspire McDonald's regular customers.

It may also be that the company is focusing on Shake Shack's strategic upper echelons.

With Burger King in front of McDonalds in launching a Veggie Burger ̵[ads1]1; The Impossible Whopper – one can understand that McDonald wants to simplify at least some things to cope with competitive presses.

In the heart, however, one cannot think that having more standard price based on the quarterly spanking will allow the chain to increase the speed limit on its drive and in its restaurants, and this is about it. [19659004] Strategic changes are not often simple. You need both employees and customers on your side.

Is there enough Signature Crafted fans out there, ready to protest?

The next few weeks may reveal the truth.

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