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Mark Zuckerberg asks for governments to regulate Facebook

Facebook Inc. co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg efficiently begs US regulators to enter and provide clear guidelines for internet data security and malicious content, a worthy request that can still be self-service.


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reported first-quarter earnings that were better than expected Wednesday, except for the $ 3 billion that was set to pay for an expected Federal Trade Commission fine. During the company's conversation with investors, Zuckerberg again called on the US government to go in and regulate certain areas of internet business, after nearly two years of constant scandal, many involved abuse of user data.

In March, Zuckerberg wrote an editorial in the Washington Post, outlining four areas where regulation is needed: malicious content, electoral protection, privacy and data protection, and data portability. On Wednesday's conference call, Zuckerberg said that the reason he wrote the editorial staff was that there are areas where "it doesn't feel right for a private company to make such important political decisions by ourselves."

"If the rules of the Internet were written from scratch today, I don't think people want private companies to make so many decisions about speech, choice and privacy without a more robust democratic process," he said.

Zuckerberg also noted on the ring that he has tried to guide the framework when he can.

"One of the things I have focused on is trying to help develop global frameworks whenever possible, but the challenge is, of course, except in one limited number of cases, regulation is usually not global. It's national, "he said." So I expect we'll see different countries making progress on different timeframes. "

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Zuckerberg obviously tries To lead the government to help with situations he feels like Facebook can no longer succeed, such as the fight against malicious content on the platform, in areas where he feels confident he can act, such as privacy and data protection, he hopes to lead the way and leave the rest up to the government.

So far, Facebook has been a Teflon company, with user growth, revenue and profits continuing to be strong despite a number of scandals. , and admits that it is preparing for slower growth, FTC fines not yet announced, and public regulation.

At the last point, lawmakers should preserve Zuckerberg's Call While Zuckerberg is trying to guide regulators where they would be most used to him, he is still right to act to establish new rules for him to play.

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