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Macy says it will pull "mom jeans" from stores after furious customers accuse them of "fat shaming"

  • Macy said it would pull a set of records from their stores after a consumer complained about them on Twitter.
  • The plate that has painted circles describing the words skinny jeans, favorite jeans and mom jeans – in what seemed to say that the recommended portion sizes could fit in every clothing – was seen by some as offensive.
  • Others on Twitter were apparently annoyed by Macy's decision to pull these products and said it shouldn't "bend down to people without humor."

Macy said it would draw a selection of records from all of them stores after a woman complained about them on Twitter.

Podcast host Alie Ward, who has nearly 37,000 followers on the platform, tweeted a picture of the albums on Sunday, asks Macy's: " How can I get those plates from @ Macys ] banned in all 50 states "

Sheets that have painted circles describing what appears to be the recommended part may be able to fit into a clothing – skinny jeans , favorite jeans and mom jeans – were seen as offensive by some on Twitter.

Macy responded to the Wards tweet and said it agreed with her and that it had "missed the mark" on this product.

"It will be removed from all STORY at Macy's locations," it tweeted . The story is a pop-up style area in a selection of Macy's stores that make small business goods.

Ward's comment had been retweeted more than 2000 times from Monday morning.

"Foodie and the food companion are probably good, but the fat shaming is just extreme, and you have the right to dispose of, instead of earning them," a Twitter user wrote .

"Macy is just the random promotion of eating disorders and body shame. MOM JEANS FOREVER," another said .

A Spokesman for Macys did not immediately respond to the Inspector's request for comment or confirmed whether it would stand by his stated decision on Twitter and remove the plates from the stores.

Many customers were not so happy about their decision.

"Ridiculous. Do not add people without humor." Twitter user wrote

"Hi Macy, my wife really wanted these plates, but now she won't spend another dime in your store for anything," another said [19659017].

"Why not like them, do not buy them. Let the market decide, not one or two offended people," another said . 19659005] See also:

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