Lyft pulls scooters from Dallas, 5 other cities as it shifts from 'smaller markets'

Lyft is pulling its pink and purple-striped electric scooters out of Dallas next week.

The San Francisco-based transit company confirmed Friday that it will cease scooter operations in the city on Nov. 22 due to a shift in resources.

"We are grateful to the scooter riders in Dallas as well as our partners in the Dallas City Council," the company said in a statement. "We look forward to continuing to provide cyclists with other means of reliable transportation."

Lift scooter out of five other cities at once: Atlanta; Columbus, Ohio; Nashville, Tenn.; Phoenix; A spokesperson told TechCrunch that Lyft focuses "on the markets where we can have the greatest impact. We will continue to invest in expanding our bicycle and scooter business, but will move our resources away from smaller markets and towards greater opportunities. "

The company will lay off about 20 people ̵[ads1]1; 5 percent – of the bicycle and scooter team as a result of the move," TechCrunch reported.

Lift entered the Dallas & # 39; electric scooter market this spring. A number of two-wheeler travel options remain after departure: Bird, Jump, Lime, Ojo and Spin.

Michael Rogers, director of the city's Department of Transportation, has said that 15,000 electric scooters operate in Dallas.

On Wednesday, the city expanded its scooter ordinance to March 31 as officials work to come up with regulations in response to safety concerns about the vehicles, which can travel up to 20 km / h.

Dallas police began stricter enforcement of sco changes rules in July, and issues citations to people who ride them in areas that are off-limits or violate traffic laws instead of giving warnings.

  Bird scooters parked near the curb at the 1400 block of Main Street in downtown Dallas on Sunday 24 March 2019.

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