Live updates: Marin County loses power 15 hours earlier than scheduled in PG&E shutdown

Recent development of fires around the region and PG&E power outage. Learn when the power can be turned back on. find out which schools are closed here; get complete details about Kincade Fire; and look at the effect of power outages on Northern California here.

11:08 am PG&E explains why power outages lasted longer than planned: "We have had some operational challenges that have made restoration for our (October 26) event more than previous events," said Lynsey Paulo, a spokeswoman for PG & E. “We had several transmission lines in this (shutdown) event. Air controls were delayed due to smoke in the air. Distribution lines cannot be restored until everything is clearly given on the transmission lines that feed them. ”

1[ads1]1:05 am Calistoga schools cancel classes for the week: Calistoga city officials said in a notice that there will be no school for the rest of the week.

10:49 PG&E restores power to 59% of customers affected by previous closures: A spokeswoman for the utility said that from 9am, officials had restored power to 571,481 homes and businesses of 970,000 who lost power.

10:39 am U-Haul offering free self storage and use of containers: U-Haul officials offer 30 days free self storage and use of U-Box containers for residents affected by fires in 39 locations throughout the state. Find out more by contacting U-Haul.

10:25 am. More than 11,000 still without power in Contra Costa: Contra Costa County authorities said 11,300 customers were still without power. About 204 residents and businesses in the county were forced into a new round of closures on Tuesday.

10:18 Fairfax police kept in darkness, literally and figuratively: A text alert from the police department said they were not receiving a power outage in PG&E.

10: 11am PG&E to open community resources centers in San Mateo County: PG&E officials will open community resources centers in San Mateo County , officials said. The centers will be open at the following: Pacifica Community Center, at 540 Crespi Drive in Pacifica; San Mateo Event Center, at 2495 South Delaware Gate 13 in San Mateo; and the La Honda Fire Department, at 8945 La Honda Road in La Honda.

09:46 PG&E cuts power in Marin County earlier than expected: PG&E officials began cutting power in Marin County around 8am – 3pm before the expected shutdown time at 11pm, a utility spokeswoman confirmed.

09:37 Unhealthy air quality possible for San Francisco, Napa counties: Napa County air quality may be unhealthy for sensitive groups, according to the Bay Quality Air Management Management District. San Francisco County officials advised air quality residents may vary with wind patterns.

09:27 New Mexico firefighters to help with fires: New Mexico government Michelle Lujan Grisham said firefighters were on their way to California "to help with ongoing management and containment of racetracks. "

09:25 Officials ask for patience: Fire officials ask who are affected by the fire of being patient and alert, as their priority is to get through strong winds Tuesday night through Wednesday.

09:24 Code Blue Warning in Temporary Freezing Fire Zone: Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbit said Sonoma County is under a "code blue" warning of overnight temperatures below freezing. He urged people not to sleep in their cars.

09:22 Sonoma County residents should be prepared to evacuate: Officials said at a news conference that Sonoma County residents should be prepared to evacuate at a moment's notice as firefighters continue to fight the Kincade Fire. Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick said his office is ready to expand evacuation zones if ready. Residents should be ready to evacuate quickly, he said.

09:09 Kincade Fire still on 75,000 acres and 15% contained: Cal Fire officials said firefighters support a challenging afternoon and evening, with wind expected to pick up in North Bay hills. A National Weather Service meteorologist said the winds have started to pick up in the North Bay mountains with gusts of up to 35 mph. Trees will be weakened by wind and can be broken by strong gusts, which can potentially affect the travel paths.

09:07 Two firefighters injured and fighting Kincade Fire: One of the firefighters was flown to UC Davis Medical Center and was listed in stable condition, according to a Cal Fire official who spoke at a morning news conference .

09:04 Grizzly Fire continues to burn in Solano County marsh: The Grizzly Fire, which air quality and weather officials say is the main source of the sharp smoke in East Bay, has consumed about 2,000 acres, but burns in marsh and threatens no structures, according to firefighter Ken Fowler of the Suisun fire protection district, who is fighting the fire. No containment figures are available, but Fowler said the firefighters are getting control and the noxious smoke from burning buns and marsh vegetation appears to have been Tuesday.

09:01 AM: Do something, VA chief tells Newsom: PG & E's blackouts could create "significant life-threatening problems" for veterans with medical problems, said the US Department of Veterans Affairs urging statesman Gavin Newsom to resolve the situation. VA Secretary Robert Wilkie urged Newsom in a letter Monday to "use your authority as governor to restore security to the millions of people you serve, including veterans who rely on power for their health and safety."

8:44 am Shut departure to start around 11am in Alameda County: Endings in Alameda County are expected to start around 11am, according to Fremont police. "The magnitude of power outages is expected to be smaller in scope, and we are waiting for new maps to be published," the authorities wrote in a Tweet. "Restoration will begin Wednesday morning."

08:26 Mendocino County executive slams PG&E: Carmel Angelo, Mendocino County executive director, said in a statement Tuesday that PG&E "Creates an emergency for the people of Northern California."

"Something MUST be done before someone dies because of [the shut-offs]," Angelo said.

07:47 NWS releases more detailed information on high wind: The red flag warning, which means dry, windy conditions that can quickly turn sparks into wilderness ires, starts at 20 on Tuesday in the North Bay and at. in the East Bay. The warnings expire at. Wednesday. The strongest winds are expected to arrive overnight Tuesday through dawn Wednesday with gusts of up to 65 mph on North Buka's highest peaks and up to 50 mph in the East Bay hills. Winds can also pick up in the East Bay valleys, near Livermore and Concord, with gusts of up to 35 mph. "This wind event doesn't look as strong or last as long as it does this weekend," said Spencer Tangen, a meteorologist from the National Weather Service.

07:34 am Contra Costa County fire 95% contained: Sky Fire, south of Crockett, remained on 150 acres and 95% contained, Cal Fire officials said.

07:19 PG&E begins power shutdown: A PG&E spokeswoman for Ari Vanrenen confirmed the utility started preemptively cutting power to customers in Northern California around 5 a.m., and several Bay Area counties around 7 a.m. "We've been on track to start the process," she said. PG&E officials have not said how many people are facing the next round of blackout, which had never recovered power from last week's closures.

7:07 am The Fire Department's optimistic progress can be made in Sonoma County: Cal Fire officials plan to arrive Tuesday morning in favorable weather conditions before the winds pick up again in the evening. Narrow roads and steep terrain still make it difficult to access certain fire areas, authorities said.

07:00 Mendocino County fire 65% contained: Cal Fire officials said the Burris fire in Mendocino County remained on 350 acres and officials had contained 65% of it. [19659003] 06:57 Kincade Fire grows to more than 75,000 acres: Cal Fire officials said in an update that Kincade Fire broke up to 75,415 acres to threaten 90,015 homes. The fire stayed at a 15% confinement. By Tuesday morning, at least 124 homes had been destroyed and another 23 were damaged.

6 : 52 am Smoke may increase before blowing into the ocean: Smoke from the Kincade fire will continue to drift into the Bay Area this morning, increasing haze and odor, before the winds changes direction around 12 o'clock and blows it out to sea, according to the National Weather Service. Smoke from the Grizzly fire near Suisun City could continue to enter the East Bay and possibly the rest of the Bay Area despite the winds.

06:47 First red flag warnings come into force at 08: National Weather Service officials plan to activate red flag warnings for areas of the North Bay, East Bay and Santa Cruz. The alerts will be active until 1 p.m. Wednesday.

6:33 am San Francisco firefighters drive through inferno: San Francisco Fire Department crews who helped fight Kincade Fire captured a video as they entered the fire. See below:

06:27. Here are the number of power outages in the Bay Area expected Tuesday: PG&E officials released estimates from county residents and businesses expected to be affected by closures Tuesday. Utility officials have not released any estimates of how many of the approximately 596,000 affected customers who had never recovered power since last week's closure. Among those potentially affected Tuesday:

• Alameda: 10,306

• Contra Costa: 204

• Marine: 119,533

• Napa: 14,900

• San Mateo: 13,209

• Santa Clara: 496

• Solano: 19,785

• Sonoma: 86,686

23:40 PG&E releases estimates for next power cut: PG&E released estimates for its next power cut for each affected county in the North and Central California. Utility officials said the estimates may change depending on changes in weather conditions. The closure is expected to affect about 596,000 customer accounts in the northern and southern Sierra, North Bay, Bay Area, Santa Cruz Mountains, North Coast and Kern counties, PG&E said.

• 05.00 Tuesday: Butte, Plumas, Tehama, Trinity and Shasta

• 09.00 Tuesday: El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sierra and Yuba

• 16:00 Tuesday: Alpine, Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne [19659027] • 7 a.m. Tuesday: Humboldt (Southern), Mendocino, and Sonoma

• 7 a.m. Tuesday: Lake, Napa, Solano, and Yolo

• 9 p.m. Tuesday: Humboldt (North) and Siskiyou

• 11 p.m. Tuesday: Marin, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo

• 11 p.m. Tuesday: Alameda, Contra Costa

• 9 p.m. Tuesday: Kern

Click here for a complete list of cities that can get dark.

Click here to see PG&E's map of areas that can get dark.

11:10 am PG&E systematically restores power to 57% of customer accounts: PG&E restored power to 57% of customer accounts – or 556,400 of the 970,000 customer accounts – affected by the power shutdown system as a whole.

11: 05.00 Three schools in Oakland Unified School District are closed on Tuesday: All schools in Oakland Unified School District will be open as normal on Tuesday, with the exception of the following schools: Community Day 6-12 School, Carl Munck Elementary School, and Redwood Heights ES. School district officials initially announced that five schools would be closed, but two of the affected schools – Montera Middle School and Joaquin Miller Elementary School – had power restored late Monday.

9:15 p.m. Power returning to Novato: Power has been restored in parts of Novato (Marin County), according to the Novato Police Department. Officials said the next power outage could begin Tuesday morning. "Be prepared, be safe and take care of each other," police said.

08:57 AM Potter Valley Emergency Evacuation Alert in Mendocino County: The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office issued an "entire Potter Valley and outcrop" evacuation alert to the Lake County line due to fire at the Cold Creek Compost facility. Officials said the fire could potentially move into the Potter Valley (Mendocino County) depending on the wind conditions in the region. "Please prepare yourself and your family to travel quickly if the order is placed," officials from the sheriff's office said.

8:35 p.m. Five schools in the Oakland Unified School District will be closed Tuesday: All schools in the Oakland Unified School District will be open as normal on Tuesday, with the exception of the following schools: Community Day, Carl Munck, Joaquin Miller, Montera and Redwood Heights, according to school district officials.

20:00 Power restored to UC Berkeley: PG&E restored power to UC Berkeley, according to the UC Berkeley Emergency Management Office. Staff at campus facilities "are converting from the cogeneration plant back to shared power with PG&E," officials said Monday night. Classes are expected to meet as scheduled on Tuesday.

8:18 p.m. All parks and trails in the East Bay Regional Park District are closed through Thursday: All parks and trails in the East Bay Regional Park District will be closed until 9 a.m. Thursday due to "ongoing weather and fire hazards," district officials said. [19659003] 20:02 Power restored to 13% of Napa County customer accounts: PG&E has restored power to about 13% of Napa County customer accounts, according to Napa County officials. "The tool may not restore power tonight," said county officials. PG&E is scheduled to turn off the power to the county beginning at 7 a.m. Tuesday, which will affect 14,900 Napa County customer accounts, officials said. Power recovery is expected to begin at 8pm Wednesday, officials said.

07:45 p.m. Power 'completely restored' in Pleasanton: Power was restored to affected PG&E customer accounts in Pleasanton, according to city officials. All schools in Pleasanton are scheduled to open on Tuesday. The next scheduled shutdown will affect parts of Alameda County, city officials said, so city officials urged residents to be prepared to walk without power for up to 48 hours.

7:36 p.m. Mendocino County Fire 50% Contained: A 350-acre vegetation fire that burned off Potter Valley Road and Highway 20 just east of Calpella (Mendocino County) was 50% contained Monday night.

7:32 p.m. Power returning to southern San Francisco: Residents report that power has been restored to parts of southern San Francisco.

19:30 p.m. Next scheduled shutdown postponed until 2 p.m. Tuesday in Moraga: PG & E's next scheduled shutdown will be postponed in Moraga until 11 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Moraga Police Department. Police are scheduled to close around 7 a.m. Wednesday. The closure "is only intended to affect a small number of customers in the southern part of Moraga," police said.

7:22 p.m. Power 'Completely Restored' in San Ramon: Power was 'completely restored' to PG&E customers in San Ramon, according to Captain Denton Carlson, a spokesman for the San Ramon Police Department. "On top of that, it doesn't seem like we want to be part of tomorrow's Public Safety Power Shutoff!" Carlson said in a tweet.

7:16 p.m. Santa Rosa CityBus and Paratransit will operate for free: As of Tuesday, Santa Rosa CityBus and Paratransit will operate for free with "changed routes and timetables," according to Santa Rosa city officials. "Service will not be available in areas under mandatory evacuation orders," city officials said.

7:13 p.m. Lakeport Unified School District closes on Tuesday: While power is expected to be restored in Lakeport (Lake County) Monday night, officials said power will be shut down again around 7 a.m. Tuesday as part of the next scheduled shutdown. School District will be closed on Tuesday, according to the Lakeport Police Department.

7:05 pm Power restored to 'most addresses' in Berkeley: Power was restored to 'most addresses' in Berkeley late Monday afternoon, according to city officials. "At the moment, we do not expect the next closure to affect Berkeley," city officials said.

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