Little Kid jumps on the airport luggage carousel and catches a little glimpse into the magical world of luggage

Man, I remember very clearly that I wanted to do this particular thing as a child. I think I even managed to ride the conveyor about five feet once before being pulled by a lively parent. However, this adventurous toddler managed to pull it off: He climbed onto the trunk belt and got into the TSA trunk at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. He was rescued by fast-acting airport employees who immediately recognized the little nut that was not luggage.

Everything was caught on security cameras, and made a clip that 100 percent will be used by this boy when he is in high school to retrieve hotties no matter what sex he ends up with. Here it is:

The child, born in 201[ads1]6 received a "strongly swollen and bruised" right hand, but he was treated in hospital And I hope he feels the damage was worth the adventure, since adventures like these are rarely achieved without any cost.

The toddler got into the luggage conference when his mother wrote out her boarding pass at a kiosk, darting for an unmanned ticket counter in front of the luggage belt.

As a barnyier and operator, I do not feel for a moment that this was a case of negligent parenting. Toddlers around 3 or 4 or 5 have an almost preternatural ability to just disappear and frolic, even if your attention is on something else for a small period.

It looks as if he was trying to climb out before he sank down the deep, dark tunnel into the airport's secret catacombs, but a large suitcase prevented his escaping.

I hope the little cook will recover from his injuries, and I hope he really appreciates that all this was captured on video, for when he grows up, he will hopefully love that this exists.

(via Boing-Boing!)

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