Little Caesars’ Hot-N-Ready pizza no longer costs $ 5

Not even Little Caesars is immune to price increases: The chain’s signature $ 5 Hot-N-Ready pizza now costs 11% more.

Little Caesars is selling a “new and improved” version of the recognizable pizza, which has 33% more pepperoni and a new price of $ 5.55 – the first price increase in almost 25 years. The pizza first went on sale in 2001 and differentiated itself from the competition because it was made ready for take-away without having to pre-order it.

Despite the price increase, Little Caesars said it still sells at “the country’s most affordable price” compared to competitors’ large pepperoni pizzas. A similar pie at its rivals, including Domino̵[ads1]7;s and Pizza Hut, costs between $ 13 and $ 16 depending on location.

The renewed version of Hot-N-Ready is a permanent menu change, and the price may cost more in some cities after the nationwide promotional price ends after a “limited time”.

Pizza sales have exploded during the pandemic, and sales of listed rivals have increased over the past two years.

Prices for pretty much everything have also flourished, even at restaurants, prices had risen by 5.8% during the 12 months ended November 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The sharp increases underscore the fact that restaurants and food producers are not immune to the supply chain and labor pressures that contribute to price increases across the board.

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