Lifting scooters to be removed throughout the United States, including Atlanta, Nashville and Dallas

Lyft terminates its scooter service in six cities, the company said in a statement provided to CNN Business. The decision has resulted in 20 layoffs in the bicycles and scooters team, which consists of around 400 people.

In Atlanta, the e-scooter end date is November 23, according to a message sent to customers.

"We choose to focus on the markets where we can have the greatest impact. We continue to invest in expanding the bicycle and scooter business, but will move resources away from smaller markets and towards greater opportunities," the company said in its statement .

The other cities that are losing Lyft scooters are Dallas and the Phoenix area.

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The Atlanta decision left customers as Ryan Colburn, a master's student at Georgia Tech University, disappointed. Colburn has ridden on Lyft scooters a few times a week and used to ride Jump-electric bikes before the subsidiary Uber pulled them out of town.

"Lift scooters were the next best thing and I loved riding them. They have the best acceleration and braking of other scooters I've tried here," Colburn told CNN via Twitter. "For me, so many of the trips I have to go too far to walk most of the time, but also a little too short for me to cope with my car. They are especially nice when you go up the hills here in Atlanta (which is not is fun on a regular bike). I'm super sad to see them leave. Other scooters aren't as good to use or are more expensive. "

Scooter has been a controversial topic around the country after reports of injuries and deaths. Since May, four people have been killed in Atlanta while riding an e-scooter, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The city has since imposed a night ban on e-scooters and e-bikes and banned the issuance of additional permits to the scooter.

The following cities and communities will continue to have Lyft scooters (for now): San Diego, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles (including Santa Monica), Miami, Minneapolis, Washington DC metro (which includes Montgomery County, Arlington, Alexandria )) and the Bay Area (which includes San Jose and Oakland).

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