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Learn how to read at 10 times your current rate for $ 19.

Perhaps your decision for 2019 was to read more. Maybe you promised to knock out at least fifty books before the next year's celebrations came around. In February, the plan is probably hopelessly behind – and for all bills, just steps away from the window completely.

A little under a book a week for a year is a high goal – and it stacks on the nightstand is not likely to be smaller. But with proper training, fifty books can end up being just an annual starter. 2019 Award-Winning Speed ​​Reading Bundle ($ 19, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) offers a promise of itself: getting you to read and understand exponentially faster after just two courses. Not only will you be able to conquer your reading list, but you will also dramatically increase your knowledge and career prospects.

First, Speed ​​Reading EX 201

9 is your introduction, breaks down your bad reading habits and teaches you new methods that in many cases can increase up to ten times your current reading speed. In six hours of exclusive training of speed reading experts, you will learn things that lower you and exercise in mental and retinal exercises that will make your eyes stream over the side as a ball while retaining up to 98 percent of what you take.

It is of course no sense to read faster. You don't understand what you're reading, that's where your lifetime subscription to Vocab1 comes in. Powered by an over 520 million word database, this vocabulary training is about opening you up for new words in the right context.

The adaptive and flexible Vocab1 system uses word matching and fill-in-black sentence completion games and exams to enhance your knowledge, helping you internalize new words with just two minutes of training.

This tandem deal is almost $ 500, but TNW's price to make you read faster and understand more is about the cost of a budget clip, just $ 19 with this limited time agreement.

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