Leakage suggests that the next Fitbit can slowly catch up to the Apple Watch

We struggled to find a positive thing to say about the Fitbit Ionic two years ago, but the company's follow-up, Versa, was a complete face, offering better design, better battery life and a good price tag. And if leaked product images shared by Evan Blass are any indication, the next Versa will hold the course to potentially give the Apple Watch a tough competition.

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Fitbit Versa Is First Real Bargain Smartwatch

"It's a nice watch," my colleague said, about an hour after I attached the Fitbit Versa to my …

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Next Fitbit Versa looks a bit more rounded and will probably update the LCD screen to AMOLED technology; digs the Fitbit logo underneath it in the process, which hopefully means the screen will fill the face of the watch a little better than its predecessor. It seems to mimic Apple Watch's aesthetics more and more, though it goes a step further by eliminating the two buttons on the right side of the laptop, leaving just a single button to the left to navigate the user interface – as well as the touch screen. [19659006] It also seems like the next Versa will give users access to Amazon's Alexa smart assistant from their wrists. Apple Watch has Siri, of course, but this is an area where Fitbit Versa can potentially jump ahead because as anyone who has ever used Siri knows, her skills and reliability have long been eclipsed by other smart assistants like Alexa.

There is no timeline for when the new Versa will see the light of day; Fitbit has not announced any events where it may be revealed. But leaking official shots is usually an indicator that a proper launch is imminent. And even if you don't think about Christmas shopping yet, giant tech companies are.

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