Leader of California electric tool ends up among fallout from deadly fire traps

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By Alex Johnson

The Chairman of Pacific Gas and Electric, California's largest power tool, has declined as the company faces potential bankruptcy and possible criminal charges after last year's deadly Camp Fire, the company said Sunday.

Geisha Williams had been CEO of Pacific Gas and Electric Co., or PG & E, since March 201[ads1]7, when she became the first Latina manager in a Fortune 500 company. John Simon, the company's executive vice president and general advisor, will act as temporary CEO while PG & E is seeking a permanent manager, the company said.

PG & E is in crisis after Camp Fire killed at least 85 people in Northern California last year. California lawyer Xavier Becerra told a federal judge last month that the company could be punished for murder.

Meanwhile, the company has been reported to be considering applying for bankruptcy protection since the share price has been drowned after it was said in November that it could be responsible for billions of dollars in relation to insurance coverage from fires both last year and in 2017. [19659007] The camp fire, which indicated in November, was the world's most expensive national catastrophe in 2018 and caused over $ 16 billion in damage, three-quarters of it uninsured, the German insurance company Munich Re reported this month. California Insurance Department said Camp Four and two other fire extinguishers last year destroyed 19,000 homes and businesses in the state.

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